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The Chorus Of Antigone Essay Example For Students

The Chorus Of Antigone Essay The Chorus of AntigoneThe chorale was a significant piece of Antigone, yet in addition the mostinsightful part of this plays cast. The individuals from the melody disclose to Creonand the crowd significant facts about themselves. All through the playthe ensemble remarks on Creons activities, and gives every one of us impartial perspectives on ourhypocritical species. Without an ensemble Creons revelation may never have occurredand we wouldnt have, as effectively, seen our own defects. The theme isincluded in a successful way, the ensemble discusses demise, love, andother unconquerable powers that people endlessly attempt to overcome, it shows theaudience extraordinary pointlessness and lets us see the issues we face all through life. Creon changes incredibly all through the play, he begins as a best friend,or somebody out to support the basic man, yet later in the play he turns out to be more andmore heartless as his capacity ruins him. At about the time his degradationreaches its peak the chorale hinders with a melody about death, how man cancontrol the most impressive of components, and agreeable the most out of control brute, yet deathstill comes. He likewise learns through them some significant things about love,especially that it is unconquerable. Through the ensemble Creon starts to see that he isn't right and God issuperior to himself, however it takes a great deal to shake his conviction that a perfectsociety is controlled by a persistent principle. This play additionally disclosed to me a ton abouthumans when all is said in done, that the they arent keen on anything besides thefulfillment of their own needs, and that they will not see that something perhaps more impressive than themselves. This disclosure is the significant subject of theplay and is significant in Creons development as an individual. This play couldnt have existed without a tune, these artists offer toomuch to the structure of the play, without them Creon could never have changedas an individual and the play would have been substantially more uncertain as to therelationship of Creons issues to our own. With the assistance of the theme Creonlearns that he is only a delicate being in a world a lot more noteworthy than his ownpitiful realm. On account of this he turns out to be substantially more god-disapproved, and sees hisplace in the plan of things. This play is about dedication to a much greaterpower, and with the assistance of the chorale he sees the force he should follow. This whole play goes around the chorale, who offers understanding to thecharacters, these on-screen characters give the crowd information about the humancondition, and engage just as playing numerous parts for the characters totalk to. Without their tributes, and paeans the play would have been deficient.

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Impact of Micro Enterprise Loan of Developments of Micro Enterprises in Bangladesh

Chapter by chapter guide 1Introduction:6 1. 1Objectives:6 1. 2Scope of the Study:7 1. 3Methodology and Data Collection:8 1. 4Limitations:11 2Institute of Microfinance (InM)13 2. 1Vision:13 2. 2Mission:13 2. 3Governance:14 2. 4Governing Body14 2. 5Current Governing Body of InM14 2. 6General Body15 2. 7Activities of the Institution:16 2. 8Research:16 2. 9Trainings:17 3Evaluation and Development of Microfinance Sector:20 4The Microfinance Sector In Bangladesh:25 4. 1The Microfinance Regulation:26 4. 2The Microfinance Institutions:28 4. 3Microfinance Delivery Mechanism:29 4. 4Microfinance Products:30 Trends and Growth of Microfinance Program of MFIs:35 5. 1Employment and Gender35 5. 2Membership in MFI-NGOs37 5. 3Trends in Lending Behavior39 5. 4Intensity in Number of Loans:41 5. 5Loans Disbursement:41 5. 6Average Size of Loans Disbursed:41 5. 7Recovery Rate:42 5. 8Loans Outstanding:44 5. 9Trends in Savings Mobilization46 5. 10Net Savings per Member:46 5. 11Savings withdrawal Rate:49 5. 1 2Financing of Loans: Loan Revolving Fund50 6Microenterprise in Bangladesh54 6. 1Definition of Microenterprise:54 6. 2Role of Microenterprise in the Present Context of Economy:55 Microenterprise Loan Demand Side Analysis59 7. 1Education:59 7. 2Sources of Finances:59 7. 3Number of Employees or Labor:60 7. 4Business Plan:61 7. 5Governmental Aids and Regulations:61 7. 6Financial Institutions:61 8Microenterprise Loan Supply Side Analysis64 8. 1Major Providers of Microenterprise Loan:69 8. 1. 1Bangladesh Extensions Education Services:69 8. 1. 2Objectives69 8. 1. 3Achievement70 8. 2BURO Bangladesh72 8. 3Grameen Bank:73 8. 3. 1Eligibility:74 8. 3. 2Terms and conditions:74 8. 3. 3Sectors covered:74 8. 3. 4Overview of microenterprise advance of Grameen Bank74 8. ASA Bangladesh:76 8. 4. 1Small Business Loan Program:76 8. 4. 2Small Entreprenuer Lending:76 9Impact of Microenterprise credit on Income generation78 9. 1Impact of Microcredit loaning on the income of the microenterprises:78 9. 1. 1Hy pothesis:78 9. 1. 2Model:78 9. 1. 3Analysis:78 9. 1. 4Findings:79 9. 2Impact of Loan Amount on the Microenterprise Revenue:80 9. 2. 1Hypothesis:80 9. 2. 2Model:80 9. 2. 3Analysis:80 9. 2. 4Findings:81 9. 3Impact of Training on the income of the microenterprises:82 9. 3. 1Hypothesis:82 9. 3. 2Model:82 9. 3. 3Analysis:82 9. 3. 4Findings:84 10Case Study:86 0. 1Success Story86 10. 2Failure Story91 11Conclusion and Recommendations:97 List of Tables and Figures: Table 1: Staff Strength and Growth of MFI-NGOs35 Table 2: Growth of Membership38 Table 3: Borrower and Member Ratio (%)39 Table 4: Average Loan Size (Tk)41 Table 5: Loan Portfolio Quality through recuperation Rate41 Table 6: Loan Portfolio Quality †Overdue in Loans Outstanding42 Table 7: Loan Performance through Outstanding Loan Size (Tk. )43 Table 8: Net Savings Performance46 Table 9: Savings Withdrawal Rate (%)48 Table 10: Distribution of Cumulative Loan Fund by Sources50 Table 11: Sources of Finance of Microenterprises58 Table 12: Distribution of Loan by Stated Purpose:63 Table 13: Change in the Distribution of Loan by Stated Purpose:64 Table 14: Micro Enterprise Loan in Various Sectors (July 2008-June 2009) by BEES71 Table 15: Loan Disbursements by BURO72 Table 16: Microenterprise Loan by GB73 Table 17: Loan Disbursed to Male Borrower by GB74 Table 18: Loan Disbursed to Female Borrower by GB74 Figure 1: Percent conveyance of Staff of MFI-NGOs by sexual orientation 200935 Figure 2: Percent appropriation of Staff of MFI-NGOs by sex 200835 Figure 3: Trend in Credit Staff of MFI-NGOs36 Figure 4: Percent Distribution of Membership in MFI-NGOs by Rural and Urban Areas in 200936 Figure 5: Percent Distribution of Membership in MFI-NGOs by Rural and Urban Areas in 200836 Figure 6: Trend in Membership by Location of MFI-NGOs37 Figure 7: Distribution of Growth of Membership37 Figure 8: Loan Outstanding43 Figure 9: Loans Outstanding Per Borrower by Gender44 Figure 10: Loans Outstanding Per Borrower by Location45 Figure 11: Trends in Net Savings per Member by Gender46 Figure 12: Trends in Net Savings per Member by Location47 Figure 13: Percent Distribution of Loans by Stated Purposes in 200965 Figure 14: Percent Distribution of Loans by Stated Purposes in 200865 Figure 15: Percent Distribution of Loans by Stated Purposes in 200766 Figure 16: Percent Distribution of Loans by Stated Purposes in 200666 Figure 17: Trend of Microenterprise Loan Along with Total Loan:67 Figure 18: Microenterprise Loan as Percentage of Total Loan:68 Introduction: The extent of smaller scale enterprising exercises assumes a conclusive job in the monetary advancement of the country jobs, particularly in underdeveloped nations. Smaller scale business has consistently been considered as a demonstrated instrument to battle neediness in a powerful way. As an outcome, destitution mitigation through provincial driven microentrepreneurship improvement has been engaged for more than the last thirty five years in Bangladesh. This advancement of small scale credit programs and smaller scale venture in Bangladesh has risen as a significant technique for the easing of neediness and joblessness that keep on presenting issues to the monetary and social improvement in the nation. Government and non-administrative associations (NGOs) have embraced a few methodologies and techniques to defeat these issues. Depending on peer pressure from borrower bunch individuals instead of on guarantee for reimbursement, smaller scale credit activity in Bangladesh has been a continued example of overcoming adversity, productively reusing loaning assets with expanding payment, high recuperation and a low pace recently installment, making a huge commitment to miniaturized scale undertakings with pay and business age, and private area endeavor improvement. The goal of the investigation is to inspect the effect of miniaturized scale credit on small scale ventures and give a general examination of the smaller scale credit program in Bangladesh and their job in creating microenterprises in Bangladesh. The smaller scale credit programs have been created with the points of the arrangement of credit to poor people and the improvement of miniaturized scale undertakings through rustic ladies, with a definitive objective of the lightening of neediness in the nation. Targets: The primary worry of the examination is to build up an away from about the job of microfinance foundations in creating microenterprises in Bangladesh. Along these lines, the investigation for the most part centers around the microenterprises and microfinance establishments of Bangladesh and how the MFIs are working to build up the microenterprise of Bangladesh. To discover this the paper will investigate the different parts of the microenterprise and microenterprise advances and the suppliers of such advance. This examination will attempt to satisfy the accompanying destinations. 1. To have a review of the historical backdrop of microfinance in Bangladesh: Under this target I will attempt to increase understanding about various improvement stages through which the microfinance segment of Bangladesh has reached to current position. . To build up an away from about the microfinance area of the Bangladesh: In this part I will concentrate on different institutional systems of microfinance segment, its guidelines and guideline, microfinance component and different establishments working in this division. 3. To investigate the ongoing ad vancement of the microfinance division of Bangladesh: This piece of the examination will concentrate on the ongoing improvement of microfinance area dependent on information from 2007-2009. The part will attempt to uncover ongoing status of microfinance division by assessing different angles. 4. To consider the market and uncover the genuine interest situation for microenterprise advance. A diagram of the interest situation of the microenterprise credit will be introduced in this part, this will concentrate on the wellsprings of microenterprise cash-flow to have request situation of microenterprise advance. 5. To examine the present gracefully situation of the microenterprise credit: By dissecting past and current information a short situation of the flexibly state of microenterprise advance will be made in this part. An examination on the significant suppliers of microenterprise credit will likewise e done. 6. To display the effect of microenterprise credit on the salary of the borrower: A measurable examination will be made to discover the effect of microenterprise advance on the borrowers pay and utilization. Extent of the Study: As the title of the investigation proposes, the examination will develop around the microfinance division of the Bangladesh just as their job in giving fund to microenterprises. In this way, it tends to be said that it will cover the entire microfinance part of Bangladesh with accentuation on microenterprise credit. A careful investigation will fundamentally cover * The rise and improvement of microfinance segment in Bangladesh * Its different viewpoint, rules and guideline * Procedure and system for giving microfinance * Recent turn of events, present situation and pattern in microfinance * Sector astute examinations on different angles * Opportunities for advancement * Major suppliers of microfinance and their job in giving microenterprises advance, * Demand side and flexibly side investigation of microenterprise credit * Impact of microenterprise advance on the pay and utilization of the microenterprise proprietors. * Case study Procedure and Data Collection: Both the subjective and quantitative examination will be done in the investigation. For choosing procedure I isolated the entire report into six significant parts. Each part will develop contingent upon various technique. In the accompanying part I will depict the technique for each part autonomously. Section 1: Analysis of the Microfinance area of Bangladesh This part will completely done by dissecting optional information. In the principal fragment of the part the historical backdrop of microfinance will be portrayed and a concise diagram of the advancement of microfinance division from the earliest starting point to the 21st century will be made. In this fragment I will primarily concentrate on the four improvement period of microfinance part to be specific activity explore stage during the 1970s, smaller scale cre

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Indian Essay Essay

All through American culture, bigotry and generalizations have been predominant, yet the Disney film Pocahontas is an endeavor to all the more likely comprehend racial narrow mindedness towards Native Americans. In spite of the fact that the film isn't totally verifiably precise, its setting depicts an increasingly honest story of the principal European and Native American experiences which were generally threatening ones, in opposition to the advanced American conviction of â€Å"Thanksgiving† like occasions. Be that as it may, there were endeavors of seeing each other’s societies and convictions which can be shown in the Disney film through the communications of characters, Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. While imagery is available all through the film, Disney utilizes mixes of music, hues, and lighting alongside allegorical character collaboration, to play on watchers feelings so as to all the more likely comprehend the battles and hardships felt by the two Europeans and Native Americans during their initial experiences. The history between Native Americans and Europeans has not generally been a positive one. As found in the film the British pilgrims journey off towards the new world looking for a lot of gold, however in actuality the British wanted the tremendous measures of â€Å"untouched† land. Since most youngsters don't comprehend the estimation of land, Disney utilizes the compensations of gold and wealth so as to clarify the British intentions in going to the Americas to the kids crowd. At the point when the British show up in the film they are demonstrated anxious to look to pulverize whatever comes in their way that isn't significant, with insignificant consideration for the land or the individuals that occupy it, those being the Native Americans. During these scenes there are dull hues and lights alongside extraordinary music to show the British attitude during these occasions. This is the place the contrast between the two societies appears to get common. The Europeans were at a point in their way of life where vanquishing and colonizing is all they wanted, and locals were unimportant deterrents in their way. They utilized dangerous ways and strategies to terrify the Native American individuals. While the British were on a way of pulverization, the Native Americans are indicated carrying on an extremely quiet and profound life, living off the land as well as utilizing it to its full limit. This amicable connection among Natives and the land is appeared during the â€Å"Colors of the Wind† scene where Pocahontas takes John Smith on a sentimental and profound ourney of the land while singing an enthusiastic tune portraying the Natives relationship with nature. The utilization of an extremely vivid yet natural range of hues and lights alongside the tranquil and adoring music serve to help pass on the Natives convictions to the crowd. This likewise shows how the Natives lived with nature and felt that they are not any more imperative to it than the plants and life forms that additionally lived there. The native’s proficient utilization of the land and its assets are the motivation behind why the land in the Americas looked immaculate to the European pilgrims. These two very various perspectives on life alongside a correspondence obstruction (which is somewhat shown in the film) are the motivation behind why it was so hard for the different sides to experienced The film endeavors to ease racial strains by introducing both primary characters in an omniscient light. At the point when John Smith (who can be viewed as an illustration for European convictions at that point) and Pocahontas (who can be viewed as portrayal of the native’s convictions and way of life) first experience each other they don't have a clue what to think. At the point when she sees him behind the cascade she gradually moves towards him being as precautious as conceivable realizing that they originate from altogether different foundation. As the film goes on you see them gradually begin to experience passionate feelings for every which shows a comprehension of one another and their various convictions and ethics, which would take into consideration a chance of a serene conjunction of the two sides. The affection between John Smith and Pocahontas summons the watcher to think about what it would resemble by and by if Europeans and Native Americans were inviting of one another rather than threatening. In any case, this dream is definitely crushed by the real world, when the boundaries on the two sides conflict in viciousness and passing is the outcome. This plays on the viewer’s feelings making a disdain towards the two limits for crushing something that could have been wonderful. By doing this Disney can control the audience’s feelings by causing them to feel remorseful for what had occurred before. Disney’s endeavor to assist youth with understanding the essential Native American culture and their ethics by making the film Pocahontas, as I would like to think was a triumph. In spite of the fact that it’s not so much generally precise the film can get a wide feeling of how situations developed during early European-Native American experiences to its target group of kids. By utilizing various hues, music, and lighting in blend with the allegorical character association, Disney can make it a stride farther than simply understanding what occurred, by leaving the watcher with a feeling of distress toward the past and dreaming about what could have been.

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What Everybody Is Saying About Order of Research Paper Apa Is Wrong and Why

What Everybody Is Saying About Order of Research Paper Apa Is Wrong and Why Vital Pieces of Order of Research Paper Apa Together with the headers, you may use the title text on the left side of the webpage and the amount of the webpage, at the proper side for an organization. If your paper will probably have a great deal of images, you can make individual folders to hold your images. The size of font ought to be 12-point and kind of font needs to be regular and italics. When you have studied the procedure of writing LaTeX tables yourself, it is going to be intuitive that you write professional high quality latex tables. Another benefit of our website is the quickness. Then, for each source, give it an exceptional number of phrase so you can readily keep an eye on it. You don't need to lose points simply because you've concluded what to do, and the way to do it, all on your own. There are a few positive points of being fashionable too. The Fundamentals of Order of Researc h Paper Apa Revealed Jan 19, you clarify what's a business plan can help to. Our organization plan before you want to help you want to know more about some help you create one. There are a business is going to be as the new small business program. Mar 7 sample company and budget to come up with a fantastic business program. The Argument About Order of Research Paper Apa Whether there are any key limitations of your work, it is possible to also mention this in brief within the introduction. The eradication of style and clothing would likewise alter the dynamics of the social world and societal relationships. Provided that the vital information was included, an individual can choose whichever way that operates in their favor in that special sentence or source. By receiving help in the shape of a custom made composition, you're proving that you value your education and appreciate the opportunity that you've been presented with. The New Angle On Order of Research Paper Apa Jus t Released Writing research paper isn't only merely a compilation of related literature that could support the argument you're trying to raise, the findings you're trying to get, or the question you're trying to reply. Our writers are going to be happy to supply you with a helping hand! By detailing pertinent info, the author seeks to influence the choice. Let's say you pay for at least 10 orders for the length of a program. To begin with, it allows instructors to inspect the accuracy of your research. If you reside in the usa and are attempting to publish in U.S. journals, it's recommended to use our system. Though a literature review can be utilized in all the various academic styles readily available, the most frequent is APA style. Basically, the introduction is a summary or overview of the entire research paper. An outline functions as the framework of your introduction. Presumably, you require information on how best to compose the introduction when you're preparing your research proposal. Citing sources is essential for a few factors. With a few sources, producing the appropriate in-text APA citation can be slightly more difficult. Citations and extracts from several sources have to be formatted properly. The Battle Over Order of Research Paper Apa and How to Win It Some of the greatest research paper introduction samples incorporate primary resources supporting the argument or research of the issue. Therefore, it runs with good accuracy with no downtimes. An audience analysis is basically a study of consumer wants and wants. You don't have to be worried about the remainder of your research paper because the content will be dependent on the material written back on your index cards. In fact, a seasoned writer can get the job done much faster than any student as they've been writing academic assignments during their entire life. Thus, if you're taking a writing course, a literature program, a language training course, or an art program, your instructor might ask you to use the MLA style. If you're taking a psychology class, it is quite possible your instructor will request that you compose an APA paper sooner or later. There are several different features of sociology that are equality complex and sociology should be looked at similarity to science. You're going to be made whenever your paper, nursing student guide, the american wellness and physical fitness essay association. You'll be surrounded by writing professionals throughout the plan of order placement, and after you choose to purchase essay and pick an allocated writer, things will get even more exciting. So far as the students are involved, writing a research paper is among the toughest and frustrating endeavor in their opinion. New Questions About Order of Research Paper Apa Your orders will be carried out exactly as you desire. They all are positive. So as to utilize Overleaf, you have to create a username and account on Overleaf. The variety of the webpage needs to be indicated at the right-hand corner of the webpage. Follow your outline, and if it's simpler for you, just write 1 section at a moment. Pick the citation ID of the citation which you would like to enhance your document. Ensure each paragraph is less than 1 page.

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Target Marketing in Bottle Water - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1463 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2017/09/19 Category Marketing Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? 1. Target marketing and market segmentation of Bling H20 Bling H2O crystal-encrusted of Beverly Hills is the inspiration of Kevin G. Boyd, a Hollywood writer-producer. While working on various studio lots where image is, well, everything, he noticed that you could tell a lot about a person by the bottled water he/she carried. So just like any other savvy business person, he decided to capitalize on his finding. Our product is strategically positioned to target the expanding super-luxury consumer market. Target marketing Kotler(2004)Here, the seller identifies market segments, selects one or more of them, and develops products and marketing mixes tailored to each. For example, if the Bling H20 were available in Australia, the marketer would only select super-luxury consumers as target marketing. There are three main steps in target marketing. The first is market segmentation –dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics or b ehavior who might require separate products or marketing mixes. The company identifies different ways to segment the market and develops profiles of the resulting market segments. There are four variables that used in analyzing consumer market segments – geographic, demographic, and psychographic and behavior variables. Today, I take the Bling H20 as example to apply those variables to help me to understand more deeply about the market segmentation. According to Kotler, Adam and Brown et al. (2004, p216-226) †¢ Geographic segmentation calls for identifying and analyzing the different geographical units that make up a market – nations, regions, states, municipalities, cities or neighborhoods. For example, Bling H20 targets the super –luxury consumer market then this product should match the location where the consumers who have the purchase power for this product. New South Wales like Mosman, Woollahra or Hunters Hill, Kuringai, North Sydney. †¢ D emographic segmentation consists of identifying which variables – such as age, gender, family size, family life-cycle stage, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality. For example, Bling H2O may more focus on the income segmentation. Bling H2O targets the affluent consumers with luxury goods. †¢ Psychographic segmentation, buyers are divided into different groups based on socioeconomic status, lifestyle, or personality characteristic. The Bling H2O may focus on those have high socioeconomic status. Boyd said In Hollywood it seemed as if people flaunted their bottled water like it was part of their presentation. †¢ Behavior segmentation enables buyers to be grouped on the basis of their knowledge of the product, their attitude toward it, the way they use it and their responses to it. Occasions: When a product is consumed or purchased. For example, selling Bling water in the upscale restaurants. Loyalty: Loyal consumers those who buy one bra nd all or most of the time are valuable customers. For example Paris Hilton buys Bling H2O for her dog. 2. Bottled water industry in Australia An overview of bottled water industry was provided in Australian Beverage organisation show the bottled water market has continued its strong growth pattern now in its sixth year. The Australian market is primarily a spring water market Australians showing a marked bias for a natural great tasting product of consistent quality. Near waters include such products as flavoured natural spring water without sugar, or vitaminised waters that may contain low levels of sugars or other sweeteners. Lee (2008) describes the bottled water market is expected to grow 9. 1 per cent to $460 million this financial year, according to a forecast by the market researcher IBIS World, and Australia lags other developed countries in consumption. In the next year Australians are expected to drink 242 megalitres of bottled water, the equivalent of 19 600-mil lilitre bottles each. IBIS World predicts a boom in premium water as manufacturers claw back the higher costs of producing the plastic bottles from a crude oil derivative. The broadcast of the World Today (2004) interviewed Tony Gentile, chief executive of the Australian Beverages Council as well as the Australasian Bottled Water Institute, which acts as an industry association and a certifying agency. One issue facing the industry is that we dont know what sort of impact a broad economic slowdown might have. Australians like their water low in mineral salts, compared to, say, Europeans, Gentile says. There is sometimes a perception that bottled water competes with tap water, but it is just not the case, except with those drinkers who drink it because they dont like the fluoride or chlorine associated with tap water. Aside from that, the competition is with other bottled drinks, especially carbonates. He also said bottled water has the advantage, of course, in ompetition with other commercial beverages of being calorie free, and a lot of people especially like the taste of spring water, because it doesnt contain chlorine ‘Australia’s Manufacturing and Industrial Directory’ website (2004) has details of Consumer trends, Food and beverage manufacturers are also changing their strategy in how they are marketing products, according to Stanton, who points to a trend towards not only communicating more information about a product, but explaining the benefits of the product’s contents. Consumers are also becoming more environmentally conscious with a preference for simple packaging. INDUSTRY REGULATIONS The Food Standards Australia New Zealand’ website (2010) sets the minimum standards for all types of bottled water. These regulations are set out in the Food Standards Code. The primary standard is 2. 6. 2 â€Å"Non-alcoholic Beverages and Brewed Soft Drinks† Bottlers must comply with this and all other requirements of the c ode. Also the ABWI is the peak industry council and certifying organisation for water bottlers in Australasia. Bottled water produced by ABWI members must meet standards that are in some cases stricter than the FSANZ standards. ABWI has developed a quality assurance program called the Model Code, which is a strict set of standards for the safe processing of bottled water about the Model Code. 3. Ethical concerns and defend the marketing strategy Waste of resource Too much needless consumption, too much unnecessary waste, and too much advertising to convince us we will be happier or better off if we just had this sort of â€Å"ego† product, actually, most of people don’t like this product at all. Some comments like we have starving people all over the world but some celebrities still want to show how stupid they waste on the money which they can do some else to help communities and it is a bit like the emperor’s new clothes really from the TMZ bling water: say what ? Consumerist concern This kind of product may resulted in the worship of consumerism and gave rise to the dominance of new egoism and gave birth to a new generation of upper class consumers Businesses have realized that wealthy consumers are the most attractive targets for marketing their products. The upper class’ tastes, lifestyles, and preferences trickle down to become the standard which all consumers seek to emulate. The not so wealthy consumers can purchase something new that will speak of their place in the tradition of affluence. A consumer can have the instant gratification of purchasing an expensive item that will help improve their social status. Environmental concern 24 April, 2007A number of organizations connected with environment, social justice and religion have come down heavily upon America’s obsession with drinking the costly, bottled ‘natural’ water, instead of consuming water from the tap, since the practice adds to glo bal warming, besides being ‘unethical. ’ Bling h2o Marketing strategy Status symbols were certainly at the height of celebrities concern. One article after another questioned the product’s price point or deemed it the sample of conspicuous consumption. But that is the strategy which makes the product stands out. By itself, the water is sourced from a natural spring in Dandridge, TN, where it undergoes a nine-step purification process. Strategically, distribute this product to right person in right place. Image proved to be the driving force behind the success of Bling H20. Meanwhile, brand manager can expanding the product line with a new drink target different market by market segmentation. . References Australias Manufacturing and Industrial Directory 2004, Australias Manufacturing and Industrial Directory 2004, Australia, viewed 25 August 2010, ; https://www. ferret. com. au/about-us. aspx; Australian Beverages Council Ltd 2008, Australian Beverages Coun cil Ltd, Sydney, viewed 25 August 2010,; https://www. australianbeverages. org/home. html; ABWI Model Code 2006, Australian Beverages Council Ltd, Sydney, viewed 25 August 2010, Celly ‘The TMZ bling water: say what? ’ TMZ, viewed 25 August 2010, ; https://www. tmz. com/2006/10/18/bling-h2o-say-what; The Food Standards Australia New Zealand 2010’ The Food Standards Australia New Zealand’ Australia, viewed 25 August 2010 , ; https://www. foodstandards. gov. au; Kotler, P. ; Adam, S. ; Denize, S. ; and Armstrong, G. Principles of Marketing. 3th Edition Pearson Australia Lee, J 2008, ‘Bottled water: the new social poison? ’, Sydney Morning Herald 22 March. Obsession with bottled water harming environment, ‘unethical BOTTLED WATER AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS viewed 25 August 2010, https://www. dancewithshadows. com/society/bottled-water-environment. asp The World Today 2004, radio program, ABC National Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Target Marketing in Bottle Water" essay for you Create order

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Symbolism in Bernard Malamuds The Natural Essay - 2422 Words

Symbolism in Bernard Malamuds The Natural The role of symbolism in Bernard Malamuds The Natural is important in helping the reader understand the theme and meaning of the novel as well as the time period in which it took place. Malamud ¡Ã‚ ¦s use of symbolism defines the character of Roy Hobbs and shows how the events occurring around him affected his decisions and, eventually, his career. Symbolism in The Natural takes the form of characters, such as women who strongly influenced Roy; historical events, such as the infamous 1919 World Series scandal; and even Greek and Roman mythology. All forms of symbolism used by Malamud are woven into the life and career of Roy Hobbs. As a first example, women have a tremendous†¦show more content†¦His desperate attitude leads him to be seduced by her, ending his bid to make the Chicago Cubs. The character of Harriet Bird serves as an ancestor-figure to Iris Lemon and Memo Paris (Helterman 25). In a way, Iris and Memo are symbolic descendants of Harriet because they, too, have so much influence on Roy. Memo, however, closely resembles Harriet in personality. Both of the women are very attracted to two separate major league ball players, Memo having a relationship with Roy ¡Ã‚ ¦s teammmate Bump Bailey, and Harriet being attracted to Whammer Wabold on the train. Both also seem to want to cause Roy harm, doing what they can to stand in the way of his eventual stardom. The two truly opposite personalities created by Malamud are Memo and Iris (27). Physically, Memo is first shown wearing a black dress and has red hair; Iris is shown wearing a red dress with a white rose attached and has black hair. Mentally, Memo tends to use her memory to live in the past, relating everything to her deceased lover, Bump. On the other hand, Iris uses substance to live, describing her life with actions and words rather than by memories. Malamud creates these two characters to force Roy to choose his fate. For his own benefit and well being, Roy should choose Iris and stay away from Memo. Memo ¡Ã‚ ¦s attractiveness and seductiveness, however, keeps Roy from making the right decision. Another form of symbolism that influences Roy ¡Ã‚ ¦s

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Ernest Che Guevara Essay Example For Students

Ernest Che Guevara Essay Ernest Che Guevara Ernesto Guevara de Serna was born in Argentina in 1928 into a fairly privileged family.He developed serious asthma at the age of two, which would plague him throughout his life.He was home-schooled by his mother, Celia de la Serna.It was these early years when he became an eager reader of Marx, Engels, and Freud which all were all part of his fathers library.He went to secondary school in 1941, the Colegio Nacional Dean Funes, Cordoba, where he excelled in literature and sports. At home he was impressed by the Spanish Civil War refugees and by the long series of political crises in Argentina.These culminated in the Left Fascist dictatorship of Juan Peron, to whom the Guevara de la Sernas were opposed.These events and influences implanted ideas of contempt for the charade of parliamentary democracy, a hatred of military politicians and the army, the capitalist oligarchy, and, above all, U.S. imperialism.Although his parents, most notably his mother, were anti-Peronist activists, he did not take participate in revolutionary student movements and showed little interest in politics at Buenos Aires University (1947) where he studied medicine.He focused on understanding his own disease, and later became more interested in leprosy. In 1949 he made the first of his long journeys, exploring northern Argentina on a bicycle.This was the first time Ernesto came into contact with the very poor and the remnants of the Indian tribes.It was during this leave of absence from schooling that Guevara, now nicknamed Che (Italian origin meaning chum or buddy), first experienced the depth of poverty and suffering of his fellows.In 1951, after taking his exams, he made a much longer journey.He visited southern Argentina, Chile, where he met Salvador Allende, and Peru, where he worked for several weeks in the San Pablo leprosarium.He then was in Colombia at the time of La Violencia, and Venezuela and Miami where he was arrested but soon released. He returned home for his finals sure of only one thing: he did not want to become a middle-class general practitioner.He passed, specializing in dermatology, and went to La Paz, Bolivia, during the National Revolution in which he condemned as an opportunist.From there he went to Guatemala, arriving during the socialist Arbenz presidency.It was in Guatemala that he began to earn his living by writing archaeological articles about the Inca and Maya ruins.By then he was already a Marxist, well read in Lenin, and he refused to join the Communist Party.This meant that he would pass up the chance of a government medical appointment.This left him penniless.He moved in with Hilda Gadea, a Marxist of Indian stock who expanded his political education, looked after him, and introduced him to Nico Lopez, one of Fidel Castros lieutenants. While in Guatemala, he saw the CIA at work as the principal agents of counterrevolution.He confirmed, in his view, that Revolution could be made only by armed insurrection.When Arbenz fell, Guevara went to Mexico City (September 1954) where he worked in the General Hospital.Hilda Gadea and Nico Lopez joined him.It was there that he met and was charmed by Raul and Fidel Castro, then political emigres, and realized that in Fidel he had found the leader he was seeking. He joined other Castro followers at the farm wh..ere Alberto Bayo, the Spanish Republican Army Captain, was training Cuban revolutionaries in guerrilla warfare.The Spanish captain drew not only on his own experience, but also on the guerrilla teachings of Mao Tse-tung.Che became his star pupil and was made a leader of the class.The war games at the farm attracted police attention, and all the Cubans and Che were arrested.However, they were released a month later (June 1956). .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe , .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .postImageUrl , .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe , .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe:hover , .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe:visited , .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe:active { border:0!important; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe:active , .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ue8a13be36de7d43cea10bac8ab9962fe:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Saratoga EssayWhen the guerillas invaded Cuba, Che went with them, first as doctor, and soon later as a Commandant of the revolutionary army.He was the most aggressive, clever, and successful of the guerrilla officers, and the most earnest in giving his men a Leninist education.He was also a ruthless disciplinarian who unhesitatingly shot defectors, as later he got a reputation for cold-blooded cruelty in the mass execution of recalcitrant supporters of the defeated president Batista.At the triumph of the Revolution, Guevara became second to Fidel Castro in the new government of Cuba, and the man was chiefly responsible for pushing Castro towards communism.It was a communi sm that was independent of the orthodox, Moscow-style communism of some of their colleagues. In 1959, he married Aledia March and together they visited Egypt, India, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan and Yugoslavia.Back in Cuba, as Minister for Industry (February 1960) he signed a trade pact with the USSR which freed the Cuban sugar industry from dependence on the teeth of the U.S. market.At this time, he glorified his own kind of communist philosophy.He was moving away from Moscow, towards Mao, and beyond into what is essentially the old idealistic, Anarchism.His formal breach with Soviet Communists came when, addressing the Organization for Afro-Asian Solidarity at Algiers (February 1965) he charged the USSR with being a tacit accomplice of imperialism by not trading exclusively with the Communist bloc and by not giving underdeveloped socialist countries aid without any thought of return. Ches unwillingness to compromise towards both capitalist and communist establishment forced Castro to drop him in 1965, not officially, but in practice.For some months his whereabouts were a secret and his death was widely rumored.He was in various African countries, notably the Congo surveying the possibilities of turning the Kinshasa rebellion into a Communist revolution, by Cuban-style guerrilla tactics.He returned to Cuba to train volunteers for that project, and took a force of 120 Cubans to the Congo.His men fought well, but the Kinshasa rebels did not.They were useless against the Belgian mercenaries, and by autumn 1965 Che had to advise Castro to withdraw Cuban aid.Ches final revolutionary adventure was in Bolivia where he grossly misjudged the revolutionary potential of that country with disastrous consequences.The attempt ended in his being captured by a Bolivian army unit and shot a day later. Because of his wild, romantic appearance, his dashing style, and his unwillingness to bend to any kind of establishment, Che became a legend and an idol for the revolutionaryand even the merely discontentedyouth of the later 1960s and early 70s.He was a focus for the kind of desperate revolutionary action which seemed, to millions of young people, the only hope of destroying the world of middle class industrial capitalism and communism.